Adding Social Into Medical

How a Worksite Health Center Can Provide Socially Informed Care

Health is more than a collection of genetic and behavioral factors.

While healthcare providers are positioned to solve medical problems, long-term health outcomes are heavily dependent on the social, economic, and environmental context of a patient's life. When these additional factors are addressed in a clinical setting, we can treat the whole person for better health and a better life.

In this white paper, we take a comprehensive look at:

  • Socially informed healthcare
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDH)
  • Real-time solutions for addressing social needs at a worksite health center

Best in KLAS 2020

Marathon Health was awarded Best in KLAS for considering "factors other firms do not, such as social and economic determinants of health" in our holistic approach to patient care.

2019 KLAS Worksite Health Services report

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